Towns & Cities in Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands is located in the country of Scotland.

More Information About Shetland Islands

The Mainland is the main island of Shetland, Scotland. The island contains Shetland's only burgh, Lerwick, and is the centre of Shetland's ferry and air connections. It has an area of 374 square miles (970 km2), making it the third largest Scottish island and the fifth largest of the British Isles after Great Britain, Ireland, Lewis and Harris and Skye. The mainland can be broadly divided into four sections. The long southern peninsula, south of Lerwick, has a mixture of moorland and farmland and contains many important archaeological sites. Bigton, Sandwick, Scalloway and Sumburgh. The Central Mainland has more farmland and some woodland plantations. The West Mainland includes Aith and Walls. The North Mainland – in particular the large Northmavine peninsula, connected to Mainland by a narrow isthmus at Mavis Grind – is wild, with much moorland and coastal cliffs. The North Mainland contains Sullom Voe, whose oil terminal is an important source of employment for the islanders. Brae, North Roe and Vidlin. This island is the second most populous of the Scottish islands, and had 18,765 residents in 2011 compared to 17,550 in 2001.

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