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Sky Helpline: 0843 509 2244 Contact Sky on 0843 509 2244 for help with Sky TV, Sky Broadband or any technical issues you have when using your Sky equipment. Sky has for decades been the UK’s premier home entertainment & communications company and continues to lead the way in terms of technology and the services they offer. A company as large as Sky receives tens of thousands of customer service phone calls each and every day. Some of these are from new customers wishing to join Sk...
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Telephone Number:
020 7126 7020
Not Available

Sky Opening Times

Monday: 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00
Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Please note that many of the larger customer service teams and customer support phone numbers offer extended opening hours throughout the evenings and weekends.

Sky Contact Number

020 7126 7020

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Sky Address Details

Grant Way
Brentford End
Greater London (Hounslow)

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Sky Helpline: 0843 509 2244

Contact Sky on 0843 509 2244 for help with Sky TV, Sky Broadband or any technical issues you have when using your Sky equipment.

Sky has for decades been the UK’s premier home entertainment & communications company and continues to lead the way in terms of technology and the services they offer. A company as large as Sky receives tens of thousands of customer service phone calls each and every day. Some of these are from new customers wishing to join Sky whilst others are calls from existing customers who are after customer support or who are looking for answer to techincal support questions. The team behind the Sky Helpline handles all these calls with a great level of service leaving both new and existing customers please with the Sky customer service experience. Call the team at Sky if you want to upgrade your current packages or get technical assistance or if you are one of the few unhappy Sky customers, use this telephone number to contact Sky with regards to your complaint or cancellation of your Sky package.

According to our research, we have found that the majority of consumers who call the Sky Helpline are often those who have experienced technical difficulties, or who are seeking technical support over the phone. Most of Sky's new customers come from people registering on their website. Recently, Sky TV and Sky Broadband has been particularly problematic for customers which has been added to by the introduction of Sky Q. The technology is undoubtedly the best in the industry; however we as consumers seem to struggle to come to grips with how to use new technology. But don't worry, this is what the Sky customer service team are paid for. Whatever the reason for your enquiry, rest assured Sky’s customer service team can help if you phone their contact telephone number 0843 509 2244.

If you require urgent customer care between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm 7 days a week, call Sky on 0843 509 2244. Please note that the opening hours we have quoted are GMT (UK Time) Of all the numbers you may find, this is the best contact number in the UK for Sky customer services. The team at Sky can help you with all Sky prouducts including their TV packages, their broadband packages and also any of the company’s other services.

Sky has a number of different services and each service has it's own dedicated customer support team. Each of these customer service teams can be contacted via the main Sky Helpline on 0843 509 2244.

Sky TV. Believe in better? You'd Better Believe it!

Sky (formally known as BskyB) is primarily a UK based broadcasting company that offers both Digital Television services and TV On Demand (online streaming) TV services. However their range of products has grown exponentially from their humble beginnings. Sky TV On Demand was one of the first additional services that was offerred to consumers on top of their existing Sky TV packages and this was provided through the creation of their first Sky+ (Sky Plus) set-top box. It was revolutionary in it's time and allowed customers to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV alongside providing the means to record programs to watch later. The release of their On Demand TV Service reduced the need for this facilty to record programs and their On Demand streaming services now provide viewers with a huge variety of catch-up TV shows, Box Sets and other Sky TV On Demand programmes.

As part of it's nartural progression, Sky later introduced it's broadband services such as Sky Broadband Unlimited, Sky Fibre Unlimited and Sky Broadband Lite and alongside this, its telephone service Sky Talk. With the introduction of Sky Q which provides a way that customer's can start watching something on one device and continue watching it on another, Sky continues to advance the service is gives to it loyal band of customers.

Sky Head Office

Sky as a company has a number of different office locations including their Head Office, Sky News HQ and the offices where the Sky Customer Service Team is based which is in Isleworth, Middlesex, UK. Sky are proudly UK based, although they also offer services in a variety of different countries worldwide including the Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain and Austria... to name but a few. It's rare to be resident in any particular country where you haven't heard of Sky TV. Sky News alone is broadcast live in over 40 countries worldwide.

The infamous Rupert Murdoch founded Sky in 1990 when two rival companies Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merged into what was to be known as British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB). This merger was one of the most talked about business news of the decade and resulted in what was to become the UK’s largest digital television company by some distance. Sky continues to be the leading media company in the UK and the largest television broadcaster in Europe, as they provide digital TV services to over 20 million subscribers throughout the continent.

If you have already contacted the Sky Helpline and did not recieve the response you were after, you can take the matter further by escalting your complaint to Sky Head Office. If the resaon for your call was to complain about any one of the services that Sky offer, you should write to them at:

Sky Complaints Department, Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD, United Kingdom.

As with most of the larger companies in the UK, Sky require you to provide a formal complaint in writing. Unfortunatley, the customer service team that deals specifically with complaints and escalations does not appear to have an email address.

Calling Sky Customer Service Support

Whether you have a billing enquiry, a technical query or simply a general customer service enquiry, the best phone number to call is 0843 509 2244. People who wish to speak to Sky or to contact any Sky representative should contact them on this customer care number. The best number to contact Sky is the one that gets you through to the correct customer service team.

For technical support contact Sky on 0843 509 2244. If you're moving home, it's the same phone number: 0843 509 2244. This is the best telephone number to call whatever your reason for wanting to call the Sky Helpline. Whether it be because you're moving home, have a billing query, need Sky TV technical support, need Sky Broadband internet support, or have a Sky Talk telephone services query: Call 0843 509 2244.

Sky Opening Hours

Sky’s customer service team for TV, Broadband and Sky Talk is manned between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm (GMT), 7 days a week. If you wish to contact Sky between their standard opening times, your best bet is to check out the Sky Website. On the Sky website you have a facility to raise an onlin ticket - although we believe that this facility is available for Sky Customers only.

Pay less for Sky TV

Sky has been known to reduce the price of their TV packages for existing customers in response to competition from other suppliers such as Virgin Media and BT Sport; however don't expect Sky to simply offer a discount to you. As with anything, the only way to get a decent discount on your Sky TV, Sky Broadband or Sky Talk packages is to negotiate with Sky. And we can offer some advice to get you started... Once your negotiated a reduced price for Sky TV you can still decide to leave it that is your choice.

  • Do your research! Check the other packages currently on offer from the other major suppliers and identify the best value competitive package
  • Make sure you know the differences between the packages as the Sky Team will try to "upsell" you on the additional benefits you get with Sky. For example the Virgin XXL bundle has almost everything the the Full Sky Packages has, however Virgin XXL does not offer the Sky Atlantic TV channel, but it does have significantly better broandband speeds
  • Check you bills to see how long you have been a Sky Customer. The longer the better!
  • Call the Sky Helpline on 0843 509 2244 and explain that you are "thinking of leaving". They will put you through to the retentions department where you will be able to tell them about the competitive package you have found. Don't give these details to the first person you speak to as the team that takes the initial call can not do anything to reduce the price you pay for Sky TV.
  • The first response from the Sky retentions team is usually to explain the benefits of being a Sky Subscriber rather than to reduce the price, but be patient and listen to their response.
  • If you agree with the sky representative, then simply thank them for their time and hang up; your clearly getting value for money. However if you feel that any of the benefits they have listed are not relevent or not used by you (or if you feel the competitve package offers equal or benefits) explain this to the representative. Also highlight to them how long you've been a customer.
  • As with any negotiation, ask open ended questions such as "what are you able to do for me?", or "how do you intend to keep me as a customer?"
  • With any luck, you should be able to negotiate a decent discount for you next annual subscription. Sky will usually try to tie you into a longer contract as part of this negotiation, but if you intended to stay any way that's no great hardship ;-)

Sky Upgrade Contact Number

You can upgrade you Sky TV package at any time by calling the Sky Helpline on 0843 509 2244. Unless you are already on Sky's top tier package, there are usually a number of options available to you and you can often customise your Sky TV Package to suit your exact viewing needs. If you are wishing to downgrade your TV or Broadband package you would need to consider the minimum contract that you signed up to when taking the original services. For Sky downgrades you can also call 0843 509 2244. To find out more about upgrading your Sky TV services, please phone the Sky Helpline on 0843 509 2244 between their opening hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm 7 days a week (UK Time).

If you are an existing Sky Talk, Sky Broadband or Sky TV subscriber, you can also contact Sky TV by visiting their website and filling in the appropriate contact form. You can also contact Sky via their Live Chat service during their advertised open hours.

Installation of Sky Services

A large proportion of people wishing to contact Sky is with regards to the installation of Sky TV or Sky Broandband. You can call 0843 509 2244 to book an appointment to have Sky installed at your house. You would use the same Sky phone number if you wanted to change any details about the pre-booked installation, or to check on the status of the installation. You cannot speak directly to a Sky engineer using the Sky Helpline number as most Sky engineers are sub contractors that do not work directly for Sky. The customer service representative can however check on most aspects of your installation including the Sky engineer's expected arrival time.

Sky Broadband and Sky Fibre

Whilst Sky TV may appear to be playing catchup with Virgin Media and it's new 200Mb Vivid broadband speeds, that's not to say that Sky Broadband speeds are bad. Far from it in actual fact! Sky may not be at the cutting edge of broadband speed technology, but they do offer a reasonably well priced broadband service that is sufficient enough for most modern households. It is certainly fast enough for streaming movies via the Sky On Demand services. Sky offer broadband packages such as "Sky Broadband Unlimited (with download speeds of up to 17Mb)" and "Sky Fibre (with download speeds of up to 38Mb)". As with any broadband supplier, please be wary of the word "unlimited". Most "unlimited" services have a "limit" imposed on the amount you can download in a billing period. Once you hit this limit, your speeds will be well below the advertised maximum although it is highly unlikely that you will be billed for anything above your usual contractual payment.

Sky Broadband Tools and Equipment

When signing up for Sky Broadband, there are a number of things that you will receive in order to get you online immediately. Sky also offer a range of software to ensure that your online experience is as smooth and trouble free as possible as we have detailed below.

  • You will receive a "Broadband Hub" which is a wireless router that provides wired and wireless internet access throughout your home. This is the standard wireless router that is included when you sign up for Sky Broadband.
  • "Broadband Shield" helps you to control and protext your family’s online activities on all internet enabled devices within the home. Broadband Shield also provides protection for your computer against phishing and malicious websites that may contain viruses and/or other types of malware.
  • You get access to "Sky WifI Hotspots" throughout the UK. When you're out and about, you can find and connect to thousands of WiFi hotspots at no additional cost. Simply download the Sky WiFi App to your mobile device and it will automatically connect to the Internet when a Sky WiFi Hotspot is in range. The costs of data usage without WiFi may no longer be a concern for many users of Mobile Phones, however the Sky WiFi connection will provide you with improved speeds and allow devices that don't have 3G or 4G Sim Cards (such as some wireless only Tablets) to connect to the Internet.
  • Sky Go is a piece of software that is accessbile via the Sky Go website of by downloading the Sky Go App onto your Apple or Andriod device. It allows you to watch shows that would ordinarilly be available on your Sky TV Package from literally anywhere in the world on up to two compatible devices. Please be aware that some country based restrictions may be in place which is often based on the copyright and licensing agreements between Sky and the makers of the TV Show or Movie.
  • Sky Yahoo is an email service provided by Sky and powered by Yahoo!

To about these or any of the other services offered as part of Sky Broadband, call 0843 509 2244 where the customer service team at Sky will be able to assist and advise you further. Lines are open 7 days a week from 8:30am till 11:30pm. Call this phone number for assistance in setting up your Sky Broadband or for tech support on how to use the Sky Router and other accessories.

Sky Talk

Sky offer a number of different telephone packages under their Sky Talk umbrella. You can choose from any of the options available based on the amount you use your home phone. Starting from as little as £4 per month (at the time of writing this article) Sky Talk offers a great value home phone service.

When choosing your home phone package from Sky Talk make sure that you check out all the available options and discount available to you. Many of the packages include varying options such as "inclusive evening and weekend calls" or "international calls". For full clarification on what these terms actually mean and how they apply to you, call the Sky Helpline on 0843 509 2244 or visit the Sky website.

Sky Billing Number

As a Sky Subscriber you should be able to view and print your bills online via the Sky website. Apps are also available for Andriod and Apple devices. If you have any questions in respect of you Sky bill, contact the Sky billing number on 0843 509 2244. Please ensure that you know your security information prior to calling 0843 509 2244. If you have forgotten your password, the customer service representative at Sky may ask you to confirm any one of a variety of details about your account.

If you've arrived at this page hoping to find the answer to your question about Sky, we hope that we were able to help you. If however you still have unanswered questions, the best place to get these answers will be from the Sky Customer Service Team who can be reached on 0843 509 2244. If you'd prefer not to call this number you can find lots of helpful advice on the Sky website.

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