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The 01234 area code is used for Bedford and it's surrounding areas. In some situations, individual towns, villages and districts can include more that one UK area code, so it is impossible to say that one particular location has a single area code.

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Map of the 01234 Area Code

01234 is classed as a Landline (Geographic) number. 01 and 02 Numbers are classed as geographic landlines which means that they are charged at standard call rates. 01 and 02 Numbers are usually included in any type of mobile or home phone calling package that you may have. 01 and 02 numbers are geographically bound, which means that you can determine the approximate location of the number.

Location that use the 01234 Area Code


Bedford is located in the county of Bedfordshire, England. Postcodes in Bedford start with the prefix MK which makes it part of the Milton Keynes post code town. Within a 5 mile radius lie the towns or cities of Kempston and Wixams. Other districts and villages found within a couple of miles include Fenlake, South End, Eastcotts, Harrowden, Putnoe, Elstow, Brickhill and Queen's Park.

After the Saxons built a fortified settlement at Bedford in 915, the Danes pillaged it in 1010, and Henry II granted it a charter in 1166. Today Bedford is the County town with a beautiful riverside setting on the great River Ouse. Bedford is an educational centre noted for its Harper Trust Schools and its associations with with native son John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress, who was born in 1628 at Elstow on the outskirts of Bedford. Bunyan was arrested in 1660 for Nonconformist preaching and he spent the next 12 years where he began his world famous book; the religious allegory Pilgrim's Progress, which was published in 1678. Since then, Pilgrims Progress has been translated into over 200 different languages and is one of the most successful books ever printed. Many of Bedfords attractions are centered around John Bunyan, with statues and museums, one of which has on display over 150 copies of Pilgrims Progress from all around the world. The Bunyan Meeting House on Mill Street displays relics of the writers life, and the Bedford County Library contains his work including a copy of his first book which was published in 1656, Some Gospel Truths Opened.

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